59011101 Kourmet Modern White Kitchen Kitchen Cabinets Koncept khmer in phnom penh cambodia
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Kourmet Modern White Kitchen

Chromium cooker 160 cm. Modern style High gloss chalk You can use the space. Fully functional design with spoon tray and grill for storage inside the cabinet. Dimensions 160x56x81 cm, 160x43x80 cm., Top side. High pressure Laminate Oreora (black). Heat resistant. Good scratch resistance Approximate distance between the cabinet and the front of the kitchen is 60-75 cm. ** Price does not include electric appliances, electric stove, gas stove and accessories,

Feature E1 European Standard Class 1 (formaldehyde less than 0.005% does not cause irritation to the respiratory system or allergic diseases, no burning eyes, no pungent smell) CHROME PAINTED Shiny chrome plated steel HIGH GLOSS - light shine and easy to peel.

Size  Kitchen Set 160
Color  White
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Kitchen Cabinets Koncept 59011101

(Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Set 160, White)
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