19140326 Kuche white 1 cm. wide Kitchen Cabinets Kuche khmer in phnom penh cambodia
It's a Manufactured Product.

Kuche, built-in kitchen, width 184 cm, built-in kitchen, modern kitchen, modern style, front door, cabinet, bottom and cabinet, Crystal High-Gloss cabinet, Tottora color, Your Exclusive Style With Kuche Premium Built-In Kitchen Furniture Available in various styles, sizes and colors, only available at SB Designsquare.


KITCHEN ROOM IDEA KITCHEN CRYSTAL HIGH GLOSS High gloss material imported from Italy. Smooth, beautiful and durable. SOFT CLOSE INNOVATION PUSH TO OPEN Press to open

Size  184X60X242 cm. (W x D x H)
Color  White
Article NoP P W H L D CBM Weight

Kuche white 1 cm. wide

(Kitchen Cabinets, 184X60X242 cm. (W x D x H), White)
1,080.00$ / Each
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  3. Kuche white 1 cm. wide
  4. Kuche white 1 cm. wide